Pickle me timbers!

I ate a lot of pickles last winter. A lot. I do not discriminate against any type of pickles, although I do prefer them to either be hot or cold…none of the tepid, lukewarm, undecidedness that usually comes in a burger. The list of pickles available to us, is astounding. I have had chutneys, piccalillis, refrigerator cucumber pickles, beetroot relishes, achars, sauerkrauts, pickled jalapeños, kim chis, radish pickles and a whole lot of ‘what-are-they?’ pickles. I love pickles. And so…because I have collected so many empty jars, I have decided to take advantage of springtime and turn real vegetables into pickles!

We went to the Twisted Tomato about three weeks ago and had their Rabbit and Pork Rillette & Piccalilli. I cannot let it go. I never thought terrines would go with piccalilli but it did! I was hooked, fell in love, head over heels, praying for the courgettes to get cheaper so I can make my very own piccalilli. Don’t get me wrong, the rillette was fabulous too, but oh honey, my money was on that sweet sour beauty.Eggquilts_PiccalliliI got my recipe from River Cottage – Pam’s Piccalilli. The taste of honey makes me gag, so I replaced that with brown sugar. Instead of using seeds and blitzing them, I just used powder. Remember to cook the paste a little until aromatic, just so you don’t get that terrible raw powder feel. I say, taste as you go and make sure that it suits your palate. For my piccalilli, I chose to use courgettes, cucumber, cauliflower and onions. I have FIVE jars marinating in its own goodness. Apparently it will taste better if you wait for a month (I shall try) and it lasts for a year in the larder. And I suppose it should be refrigerated once open.


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