So far…no sofa…yet

Sabine four seater sofa - NOOD
I have had the pleasure of resting my behind on one of these sofas. Sofas are like beds and pillows – you just can’t fake the comfort. Somehow this couch was sculpted so perfectly so, that I started to believe I may have great posture. Sadly, my experience on that sofa was cut short, and I had to depart my bottom from its loving glory. To say that I just covet this couch would be a lie. It needs to be more hyperbolic, much in the lines of –  I need this couch. I have to have this couch. I am in love with this couch. Needless to say, it’s on my wish list. Oh Sabine, why do you treat me so…

Introducing, Sabine – the four seater sofa from NOOD.


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