A little hoarding never hurt nobody.

I’m looking out my window and I see grey and rain. It seems like Auckland is having a hard time getting herself in gear towards summer. I have a semi-quiet week ahead of me and so I had some spearheading ‘self’ plans mapped out for this Monday. I was going to walk off the 3000+ calories ingested over the weekend at the Auckland Taste Festival (which was and still is the most amazing food fest I’ve been to to-date!), I was going to clear out the fridge and start some clean eating before Christmas, and fix up the garden. Alas, all of that would not be happening today.

However! I can’t complain. Because on days like this, I feel especially grateful that I have a craft room with enough fabric “hoardage” that I can submerge myself in some patchworking. I have always wanted a Missouri Star quilt. Today could be the day!eggquilts_hoardfabric


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