Quilt wall lovin’

We have had the same furniture and same stuffy arrangement in our house for ages. I think part of growing into your 30s is an appreciation for form and function and the need to declutter. I remembered how much I rated bean bags as an alternative seating arrangement in my 20s. We sold out couches two weeks back and had to use bean bags in between couches. It was excruciating. How I use to do it in my 20s, I don’t know…

The living room is by no means done, there are still things to do – the devil is after all in the details. However! I am so glad to say that I have completed the centre piece of this living room makeover! My wall quilt is finished!! I have to say that this is my favourite quilt to date. It has its modern simplistic charm…a mix of love for typography and craft. I don’t remember how many pieces there were, but every letter was made of 1.25″ sewn together square blocks.

I love the ‘home’ quote and to top it off, we have our trusty dog put everything into perspective. She is after all my home šŸ˜€





Steamer Trunk Dog Bed

Summer is finally here at long last! It has been a hot and sunny couple of weeks, too hot to be sitting in the craft room piecing together a wall quilt. I haven’t abandoned the project completely but it is looking to be a slow finish.

However with that said, I have a few projects that have been sitting in the back burner for far too long. I needed outdoor space to spread out and dry weather. So this is what we ended up with! A very vintage stylish dog bed made from an old steamer trunk. I have seen this type of project on Pinterest years ago and I loved the idea of upcycling an old trunk. This trunk has travelled all the way from South Africa back in 50s/60s. I can’t trace the exact voyage route for this trunkĀ because the stamps have either peeled off or have been painted over.Ā There areĀ still some around complete with custom stamps, thatĀ you can trace its route all the way backĀ to the port of departure. Isn’t that just wonderful? A little bit of history.

Eggquilts_steamertrunk_dogbed Eggquilts_steamertrunk_dogbed_sparkyThis was my first try at upholstery. I went a little trigger happy with the stapler gun, only because it was so much fun. The fabric was bought from Martha’s Fabric. I think the dog is pretty chuffed with her new bed, no?

I did sit on it myself and I have to say, it is also pretty sturdy as a chair, although I might not lean on it completely because the trunk is pretty old and tatty and would need reinforcements if you’re thinking about making it into a chair.

All in all, the main lesson that I have learnt from making this project is to have EVERYTHING at hand. It doesn’t take long to finish the project as long as you have all theĀ tools and materials sourced, sussed and next to you.