Quilt wall lovin’

We have had the same furniture and same stuffy arrangement in our house for ages. I think part of growing into your 30s is an appreciation for form and function and the need to declutter. I remembered how much I rated bean bags as an alternative seating arrangement in my 20s. We sold out couches two weeks back and had to use bean bags in between couches. It was excruciating. How I use to do it in my 20s, I don’t know…

The living room is by no means done, there are still things to do – the devil is after all in the details. However! I am so glad to say that I have completed the centre piece of this living room makeover! My wall quilt is finished!! I have to say that this is my favourite quilt to date. It has its modern simplistic charm…a mix of love for typography and craft. I don’t remember how many pieces there were, but every letter was made of 1.25″ sewn together square blocks.

I love the ‘home’ quote and to top it off, we have our trusty dog put everything into perspective. She is after all my home 😀





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