So far…no sofa…yet

Sabine four seater sofa - NOOD
I have had the pleasure of resting my behind on one of these sofas. Sofas are like beds and pillows – you just can’t fake the comfort. Somehow this couch was sculpted so perfectly so, that I started to believe I may have great posture. Sadly, my experience on that sofa was cut short, and I had to depart my bottom from its loving glory. To say that I just covet this couch would be a lie. It needs to be more hyperbolic, much in the lines of –  I need this couch. I have to have this couch. I am in love with this couch. Needless to say, it’s on my wish list. Oh Sabine, why do you treat me so…

Introducing, Sabine – the four seater sofa from NOOD.


Kitsch Midcentury Wooden Egg Cups

I love eggs. I still think that soldiers and soft boiled eggs make the best breakfast ever. I have been looking for some cool egg cups and came upon these on Etsy. Retro wooden egg cups – mostly European from the midcentury and still in pretty good nick. These are so cute! They even come with their very own egg cosies!

wooden egg cups Wooden egg cups Wooden Egg Cup Wooden Egg Cups